Welcome to Clime Direct!


Clime Direct was established because we recognised that investors were increasingly choosing to take control of their investment decisions, but lacked prudent tools to do so with confidence. Yes, online brokers offer some free ‘research’ – but this does not provide true insight over the market, and it’s no surprise that for a service that profits from how frequently you trade, “buy” recommendations significantly outweigh "sell" recommendations. The market is also awash with ‘tip-sheets’ that selectively spruik their best calls and quietly ignore their other recommendations.

Despite these challenges, we believe that appropriately informed investors can be successful in the equity market. Our objective is to provide self-directed investors with the same insights and conclusions on stocks that institutional investors benefit from, in a low cost subscription service that is easy to use and fully supported by client advisers. To do so, we combine a powerful institutional grade data feed with valuations and qualitative insights from one of Australia’s well rgarded fund managers – Clime Asset Management. When other fund managers were chasing leveraged positions before the GFC, Clime moved towards cash, because stock valuations didn’t stack up. After the GFC, when others avoided equity investments, Clime had the conviction to make equity investments in ‘under-valued’ stocks.

This same approach is reflected in Clime Direct. We don’t follow the market. We make clear, straightforward conclusions on stocks, based on comparing our valuation to a stock’s current market price. As our name implies, we look to identify stocks that are "in value". Like the world’s most famous value investor – Warren Buffett – we focus on good quality companies with a proven track record. We have three values, and these are reflected in how we offer our service:


We provide clear valuations and information, but we do not spruik stocks or offer tips. We want a long, trusted, relationship with our members – and will always behave accordingly.


Investors have a right to absolute transparency. At any time, we provide valuations on >400 stocks, and we clearly track and chart our historical valuations and retain our older reports. For subscribers to our professional service, we even provide you with the exact assumptions we have used to value each stock.


Investing is serious business. While we try to present information clearly and our conclusions in plain English, successful investing can be necessarily complex. Therefore, we will always try to educate and develop our users’ understanding of value investing, through more detailed webinars, videos and white-papers, where necessary. The more you understand about value investing, the more you can benefit from our service. We hope you enjoy our service, and as always - safe investing!

We endeavour to maintain the accuracy of data provided on this website, by using information prepared from a wide variety of sources, which Clime Direct, to the best of its knowledge and belief, considers accurate. However, Clime Direct makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the information provided.